1. Fill out the Application Form


Please fill out the Application Form by clicking here.


Due to the demand of people the revised application deadline has been postponed to the 28th of March 2016. If you are having difficulty accessing the form or meeting the deadline or any uncertainties about the date, please contact us though our E-mail: ifpuwc@gmail.com. We would still like to receive your application.

2. Submit Application

You may submit applications by 15th of April (extended date). If you have any problems to submit by then, let us know immediately at our email address ifpuwc@gmail.com .Your application will be carefully reviewed by our selection committee. You will be notified in April 2016 regarding your status participation status

3. Conference Participation

Upon confirmation of your participation in the conference, we will provide you with more detail regarding your stay at Li Po Chun United World College during the conference and the program schedule.

2016 Initiative for Peace, 2nd  Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit (IFP-HKDYS-2)


In the past, IFP organized conferences with the focus of Kashmir Conflict and Mindanao Conflict and the first HKDYS in May 2015, with the participation of young leaders from these communities. This May, our conference has a new focus: Diversity in Hong Kong.


The Initiative For Peace - Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit 2016 (IFP-HKDYS) will last for a week (26th May - 30th May) and will host secondary school students and early University students from various backgrounds, who are passionate about the mission of IFP.


For more information about Initiative for Peace and the Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit please check the documents below:




We would like you to encourage your students/peers, who are passionate about peace, diversity, social inclusion and intercultural understanding to apply by following the application procedure below: