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Initiative for Peace

Initiative For Peace (IFP) is a group of students supervised by a teacher from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) whose fundamental belief is that conflicts are inevitable, but they can be managed before escalating into more serious forms. They can be managed by reflecting on different ways of accommodating differences; hence, violence can be avoided on personal, regional or international levels.


Created in 2001 at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, IFP inspired students at Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong to form a similar group in 2005. 


The IFP group at Li Po Chun United World College works in three different scopes: assistment of conflict management activities within LPCUWC, facilitation of Day Camps for Hong Kong schools and organization of the annual Peace Conferences around the world.


Our main aim is to educate and train young adults to identify the root causes of conflicts in order to be able to manage conflicts to improve, maintain and promote peace in different communities.


Student Facilitators

Our facilitators are a highly diverse group of motivated students who are committed to the ideals of peace in the world in the spirit of the UWC mission to achieve a sustainable future. They come from various nations across the world, emboding the UWC spirit.


All facilitators undergo a rigorous training in the Theory of Conflict Management & Resolution. They also learn the practical applications of facilitation skills to conduct activities that are related to peacekeeping and peacemaking. Our interaction interaction with young adult participants of our conference or day camps is highly interactive and efficient, given that IFP relies on peer discussions among the participants and facilitators.


The facilitators learn to imbibe the skills they have acquired and apply them in their daily

life. They are expected to see conflicts in daily life and world as something that needs to

be worked on to be managed and resolved. They are also expected to carry these value

added activities by contributing to the larger world with their experiences throughout the years.

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